Confection Selections

Truffles galore, barking mad (fruit and nut barks), melting away in your mouth (coconut melt-aways) and crispy critters (rice crisps chocolates) are the the new rave about town. Come see why! Our products can also be found at Rolling in Thyme and Dough!

BUT THE MOST AMAZING ITEM is our CHOCOLATE ELIXIRS!! Come have a cup of rich, thick warm chocolate that will energize you in a good way. Five flavors served each day. Even more flavors you can take home with you to mix.

Our chocolatier lovingly creates for your palette's pleasure over a dozen different flavored chocolates. Many of our ganaches are flavored with cream infused with teas, herbs, and liquors. Many chocolates stand alone with only the layering of the natural flavor obtained from the region the cacao beans originate from. Like fine wine, where the vines take on the flavors around them, so do the cacao trees. These natural notes of coffee, fruit, etc., pair well with wines and even beers!

Please contact us to order for events or to book a class (see dates below).

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Chocolate Classes

Classes will be held on Sundays, once the weather turns cooler! Check Back!



Making Ganache, the Foundation of a Truffle

601 Old Fitzhugh Road, Historic District of Dripping Springs, Tx