About Us

After my travels to Peru, I became intrigued with the revered properties of the cacao tree. Drinking tea made from dried leaves, chewing on leaves, and eating some of the best chocolate bars I have ever tasted, convinced me that the normal chocolates we buy are inferior. I learned of the sacredness of the cacao tree and hope to share this wisdom with customers. I learned the intricate science associated with extracting the best flavor of the beans and find it fascinating. Come by Abby Cara at 601 Old Fitzhugh Road, in the Historic District of Dripping Springs Texas and have a taste of ancient wisdom.

Our Concept and Style

Is rustic! You won't find chocolate sculptures and works of art that look too good to eat. So no guilt when you bite into the crisp chocolate shell and first taste the soft, mouth-melting ganache inside.

Our Team —

Abby Cara is not all about chocolate

Audel Cayce

Owner, Chocolatier

Born in Austin and raised in Dripping', Audel has returned to her roots to share her chocolatier talents learned while in classes on Bowen Island after completing her chocolatier certificate with Ecole Chocolates of Vancouver BC..

Christine Pryor

Marketing and Sales

Christine fell in love with Texas and moved here and is helping people through the loving power of chocolate! She will greet you and help you select the chocolates that make you say, "OMG!"

Bare Eyes Photography

Farrah Quinby

Farrah's Quinby's photographs are expressive, catching the special in everyday scenes. Come in and peruse her collection of photos for the wall, note bards, and book marks.